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"Hi, I'm Lee-ann & I'm a Sex Coach..."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm a Sex Coach"

...is how it normally goes when I introduce myself...

Sex stuff is a big deal for you, baby, and you deserve to know that you’ll be working with someone who takes this very seriously (with a big ol’ dollop of sauce and fun on the side).

So let’s jump straight into what I believe is the most important thing you need to know at this point in your sexual boldness

why am I qualified to talk about such things??

If a person has had a lot of sex, that’s marvellous for them if that floats their boat, but doesn’t necessarily mean that they are equipped with the right knowledge or experience to deal with the things that are a big deal for you, and your relationships.

Credentials are SEXY, baby!

✨ Certified Sex Coach ™

✨ Clinical Sexologist

✨ Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT200

✨ Registered Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher RPYT

✨ Children’s Yoga Teacher

✨ Anatomy & Physiology Level 3

I am a self-confessed study junkie - I love to learn and I don’t generally travel too far on my time line without embarking on my next bout of knowledge-gathering. I’ve cherry-picked this list of credentials because these are most relevant but there are more and will continue to be more. Here’s how you might find that I apply them.

For your peace of mind, I have studied with the best - literally the creator of the whole concept of sex coaching,

Dr Patti Britton.

If you want to learn something well, the best thing you can do is go to the source of the information, a great teacher once told me.

Under her guidance and that of Dr Celina Criss and so many other incredible sexologist brainiacs, I graduated from
Sex Coach U in November 2022 and SCU is the only sex coach training that has been recognised by the
World Association of Sexual Health.

Within this wonderful, global community, I have made wonderful connections with professional people from all over the world, so if if I’m not best placed to serve your needs, you can be sure I’ll know someone who is! This is how we all work. Reciprocity.

Dr. Celina Criss CSC, PhD

“You have a wonderful capacity to look deeper into how you can apply what you've learned in your professional and personal spheres and the curiosity to notice where you want to explore more and continue to develop.”

Dr Celina Criss CSC, PhD

What's yoga got to do with it?

I'm glad you asked.

These things can be very delicate in nature, I can read the room really well with empathy and my approach is in a very trauma-informed manner, especially from all my years of experience of Hatha yoga.

I’ve taught more than 1000 hours of yoga classes (check out my yoga website if you wanna be nosey) so I know a thing or two about how to help people move their bodies in a good way, and the sex positions they can comfortably help people get into. I know how to help people hone their focus to their bodily sensations and to their breath, giving them power over their unhelpful thoughts and an element of control over their physical responses.

Being qualified in pre- and post-natal yoga, I’ve a fab insight into female bodies and menstrual journeys as well as fertility concerns and parenthood. I’m also a dab-hand at finding positions for you if you’ve a dodgy back or a jippy hip.

Lee-ann Cordingley holding a Yoga Mat

And lastly who doesn’t want fun and colour and laughing and boldness with their mattress mambo sometimes?? I’m a creative kinda gal and having taught literally hundreds of kiddies, you can be sure I can be create playful spaces and bring the fun when you need it.

I’m super comfortable talking to young people about sex because we owe our younger generation honesty and whole education that doesn’t shame them for the pleasure in their bodies, so I've been known to be invited into schools to support their PSHE programs around sex, relationships and menstrual journeys.

I’m an open-minded gal. There’s not a great deal that shocks me or squicks me out - and I also love and honour my boundaries and my code of ethics, to which I adhere. Make sure you check it out before working with me so we’re all singing from the same song sheet.

You’ll find me hanging out mainly in Nottingham, UK with my husband of twenty years, my two sons who think how I help people is pretty cool, my beautiful Spanish Water Dog, Lola, and we all have a disgustingly beautiful view of the River Trent.


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