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30 Days of Self-care for Sensuality

In just 30 days, unlock the potential of your own sensuality with easy-to-follow, nurturing practices that celebrate you—body, mind, and soul. Each day presents a new opportunity to cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself, which is the cornerstone of a passionate and fulfilling love life.

Positive Body Image Meditation

As a certified sex coach I'm privy to just how many women don't enjoy sex as much as they'd like to because they don't enjoy the way their body looks. I'm on a mission so here's a free short meditation to help out.


Better or more orgasms

Honestly, there is LOADS of good stuff in this free eBook to help you on your way to more or better orgasms.

Sexy Breath

As well as a certified sex coach I'm
an experienced, registered yoga teacher - I know how to activate your sexy in the simplest ways if you're really & truly in that space with me. Here's a peek how.


... and that's it

As well as studying sexology for over three years with the pioneer of sex coaching herself, Dr Patti Britton I've taught 1000+ hours of yoga classes as an experienced registered yoga teacher so I know a thing or two about sexy stuff getting back into your body.

So you're in safe hands with me.

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