Work with me

Coaching Sessions

How It Works

Our coaching sessions will be 50 minutes long, and will comprise of us working through any issues you may be having in the bedroom, and an open discussion as to how we can work through them.

We'll have regular catchups (online and in-person).

The First Session

The first session will be conducted online, and will be an hour, which comprises of a regular 50 minute session, and 10 minutes afterwards to talk options going forward.

The Nitty Gritty

As you can imagine due to the nature of what I do, there must be ground rules for our meetings.

First and foremost, our catch-ups will be professional, and in no way inappropriate.

For everyone's safety, any online calls will be recorded (and deleted afterwards).

Everyone involved's camera needs to be on for the duration of the call, and those participating in coaching sessions must be fully dressed in an appropriate environment.

(If you are in a car, you must be safely parked with your engine off.)

And finally, any in-person coaching sessions will be granted at my discretion.


In the event of any of the ground rules being broken, or any inappropriate behaviour from your end, our coaching session will be terminated with no refunds. This is to keep everyone comfortable and to allow for a productive and helpful coaching session.

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